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Aggregator Distribution

Feed research vendors, for FREE without compromising your control. A selection of worldflow’s Aggregator partners are listed below.
worldflow provide feeds direct to Hedge Funds and Buy-Side firms as well, for use in internal systems, giving more opportunity for Research Providers.

AlphaSense AlphaTerminal Bloomberg ERIC Evaluate FactSet Fidelity MorningStar
Refinitiv Red Deer ResearchPool ResearchTree S&P  Tellimer VisibleAlpha Zacks

Research Portal

Flexible, fully branded, self-managed portal for your research and your company information, all in a style to suit your business structure, and your content needs

HTML Authoring

Author in HTML for distribution purposes to Portal, Email, Aggregators, in the formats required, to generate your HTML, PDF, email formats from one document

Email+ Distribution

Scalable Email distribution in your Company domain name, and in your brand, linked back to your content or embedded for clients that need it all in Email

Event Management

Manage conferences, meetings and road-shows to control who is sent invites, track their use, and provide post event content of reports, slides, audio, video.

Native Mobile Apps

IOS and Android Apps, with your brand, full content access, giving users fast, flexible mobile access to your research product, with linked notifications for real-time updates.

Readership Analytics

Aggregated statistics on who reads content where, with drill down by tags (client, sector, country, platform, authors,….). Can be viewed on dashboards and as dynamic reports.

Research Content Management – Produce and Distribute to your Clients and Staff (Connect)

The worldflow Connect  Research Content Management modular platform manages the production and distribution of Investment Research including Authoring, Portal, Email Distribution, Native Mobile Apps, Aggregator / Vendor / Direct to Buy-Side Distribution, Consolidated Readership for Investment Research, Company News, Interactions, Ratings, Earnings, Fund and Corporate Marketing/Sales content.

HTML Authoring – template-based Analysis/Modelling and Authoring with full workflow for Compliance, import from Earnings, and copy/paste of charts and tables from Vendors (Bloomberg / Reuters / …) configurable branding & processing.
 –Research Portal – is our Web 5.0 research front end for fully customised websites, with Client focused dynamic content, Sales/Analyst contact links, Personalised Tagging / Dynamic Views and service-focused content that enables you to send Bundles of research to current clients and prospects.
Native IOS and Android Apps – secure Research Apps with configurable category-driven search, notifications, user menu setup, saved search, and offline library. Check the stores for public worldflow Apps Apple Store and Android Store
Email+ Distribution allows the push of research, with full PDF, or Link-Back based content, to a library that records all access and cleans up any fails, using your domain name and your branding to ensure clients see your content and can respond to you as part of the flow.
– Event Management – Flexible calendar based management, with invitations with registration links, auto-reminders, timezone management, auto-rollover to past, auto-expiry, exportable view of forthcoming events, load post event materials including notes, presentations, audio and video.
Aggregator / Vendor / Client Distribution to feed to Reuters, Bloomberg, FactSet, S&P, ResearchExchange, ResearchPool, VisibleAlpha, ERIC, Red Deer, and several others, including directly to a number of large buy-side clients internal RMS systems (See current aggregator list HERE)
 Readership Analytics – provides readership across all channels where research is fed and provides online statistical analysis as well as automated feeds to CRMs and to Interactions  Solutions for the Buy-Side in Comcise, Bloomberg, VisibleAlpha, etc.
– Interactions Management – manage your readership, calls, meetings, events, conferences, road trips, all on a single consolidated tracking system that can feed your CRM, and the marketplace services for tracking interactions under MIFID II changes
Surveys – branded client surveys for getting customer feedback and feeding that back into Research, and Directories
Directories – allowing structured content, with quick lookup. Used for the Independent IRP Directories at Euro IRP and US IRP 
There is no dependency within the modules. Each component is capable of running stand-alone or fully integrated. So clients can license just the components they need to start with adding further products later in their deployment process.

Research Content Distribution – Managed Feeds to Aggregators and Buy-Sides (Connect2)

Connect2 is the Connect distribution platform that provides the “Pipes” for the Financial Services Research community to distribute content and provide back readership on a single platform

The free Distribution service provides a single point of entry for Research Content Providers, from Independent one-man shops to major Sell-Side providers, to feed their content onto 21+ Research Aggregators (Refinativ, Bloomberg, FactSet, S&P, Research Exchange. ResearchPool, Nucleus195, ERIC, …..) and also direct to large Buy-Side platforms, using their preferred sending method. Connect2 then “connects to” (get it) the aggregators of choice, converts to their format, and sends the Content from the Provider to the Aggregator, and tracks its success. Contact us for more information. Also, see HERE the current list. 

Research Providers can deliver to Connect2 in any combination of direct Portal, email.send, SFTP, and Connect2 extract direct from an RMS, which then sends to only the distribution channels that the Provider wants to send to. As an optional chargeable service Connect2 can provide consolidated readership to the Provider across all their distribution platforms.

Suitable for  Sell-Side, Independent Research Provider, Political Risk Advisories, News Agency, Industry Analysis Firm to get their content from a single point of entry to their selected platforms.

Connect2 is also a single point of Onboarding for contribution to Aggregation Platforms and Buy-Side Platforms so that the platforms do not need to run the overhead of onboarding and client mapping themselves, and can focus on utilising the research for their buy-side clients. By providing a single point of contact for the Aggregator or Buy-Side, Connect2 will onboard the Provider, map the content, send the files, and proactively monitor the service spotting and preventing errors and outages, and reducing overheads for the Aggregator./ Buy-Side.

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