Connect Research Analytics

Connect Analytics is an interaction aggregation and reporting solution. worldflow collects and standardises real-time user interaction data from your direct channels (Portal, Mobile, eMail) with that from the weekly/monthly reporting generated by connected vendor destinations. Clients access can access their data anytime through a dedicated web dashboard that provides a range of graphic visualization of key research metrics and an extensive ad hoc reporting capability.

Key features of Connect Analytics

  • Fully managed service, worldflow’s automated data loading eliminates time-consuming and costly manual analytics processing.
  • Real-time data access, up to the minute view of all your client interactions from multiple access channels
  • Secure web-based dashboard provides access to internal users with full admin or read-only access options
  • Integration with CRM enables automated loading of data to client accounts for Sales Access
  • Simplifies all your MIFID II interaction reporting

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