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Connect2 Research Distribution

Research Distribution for Investment Research Content

Connect2 Distribution Platform as a Service (DPASS)

Connect2 DPAAS is our feed platform to deliver research to the marketplace so that Research Providers can get content to their clients.

Distribution of research has always been key to Research Providers, however large or small, and worldflow have always viewed our role in this as providing the “pipes” to connect the market together so that you connect to your clients (Connect2).

MIFID II is changing the way that the Research market works. This is driving a number of mechanisms to Price, Distribute and to Manage research in the new unbundled world.

worldflow are agnostic to the way that the market shapes, and are aiming to provide a uniform feed service to Research Providers, whether on the Sell-Side, Independent Research Providers or Buy-Sides feeding some of the big four aggregators or the new set of aggregators that are helping the market to discover how to manage the new unbundled world.

worldflow have partnerships with many of the newer players to feed research, in the same way we have with the big four. So a provider can provide us with a single feed of research through Email, SFTP, WordPress feed or a Direct Portal, and we will provide to all the destinations that they need

In addition Connect2 is connected to a number of the trading platforms, using our Connect2xx services, and to the larger Buy-Sides internal library systems to provide a single feed of content to those venues.

By utilising worldflow’s Connect2 Distribution service a Research Provider can feed to any or all platforms from a single point that they need to, whilst seeing control over who sees what.

Connect2 DPASS is free for Research Distribution, so sign up now.

Connect2 DPASS can also automate Readership across all your target distribution platforms for a flat fee per month.


Connect2 Onboarding as a Service (OBASS)

Connect2 OBASS provides new Aggregators, major Platforms and major Buy-Sides with the ability to onboard Research Providers, Earnings Feeds, News Feeds, intercept Emails and manage other rich content, from a single managed, monitored source – Connect2.

Utilising Connect2 for onboarding and feed management is no different to using an Infrastructure provider for your file servers (Cloud) or email services (Cobweb, Gmail) reducing costs through their scale. worldflow provide this same scale benefit for Research.

  • Full Service solution from initial client engagement, full on-boarding through to a fully managed daily feed service
  • Feeds mapped to your format, from both a Sector, Company, Industry perspective, and feed perspective
  • Single point of entry for your Providers, so that they can feed you, and other platforms, removing their need to feel “tied” making their decision process faster, and allowing you to sell your benefits for their content more quickly

worldflow have many years of experience of managing onboarding of feeds of data and monitoring them as a 24/7 service, with the Providers feeding using Email intercept, FTP / SFTP, WordPress pull, manual Portal loads, CSV+PDF extracts.

Using Connect2 OBASS for this you can outsource this issue, and focus on what you need to do with the content you receive.

  • For major Platforms they can reduce their reliance on off-shore teams to manage their research and other content input
  • For new Aggregators they can focus on selling their content to the buy-side and other investors to boost market share
  • For buy-sides running in-house platforms, get worldflow to run the processing of feeds, and so focus on the investment process.

Connect2 OBASS removes your need to manage multiple Content feeds, have one feed into your service, and scale quickly and effectively using the market leader in content distribution for the Research world.

Connect2 OBASS charges a flat monthly fee service to Aggregators, Buy-Sides and major Platforms. Contact us now.

Interested in our solutions?

Research Provider – want to feed research to the market place?

Research Aggregator – want someone to onboard and manage your providers?

Buy-Side – want a direct feed to your in-house Research Management Systems?