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Connect Research Distribution


Research Distribution to ALL Aggregators as a free managed service

Connect Distribution is our Research Distribution platform that delivers research to the market, for FREE, so that Research Providers can get content to their clients through a single point of entry, and still maintain full control of their content on the various platforms with Entitlements..

Connect Distribution is FREE for Research Distribution, so sign up now or just click here for a list of Aggregators we feed, and click to Load Your Research and View Your Research

Distribution of research has always been key to Research Providers, however large or small, and worldflow have always viewed our role in this as providing the “pipes” to connect the market together so that you “connect to” your clients.

worldflow provide a uniform feed service to Research Providers, whether you are on the Sell-Side, Independent Research Providers or Buy-Sides feeding some of the big four aggregators, and all of the new set of aggregators.

worldflow has partnerships with 21 aggregators to feed research, including the big four. So a Research Provider gives us a single feed of research through Email, SFTP, WordPress feed or our Direct Portal, and we will provide to all the destinations that they need, from one place, whilst seeing control over who sees what.

Additionally Connect Distribution supports Model Distribution to a smaller number of aggregators that support models, also for FREE. We can feed as loaded, like with research, and track use.

Connect Distribution can also automate Aggregation of Readership across all your target distribution platforms for a flat fee per month, saving you resources, and giving you far better insights to who uses your content and where, so you can provide better-targeted services to your clients.


Interested in our solutions?

Research Provider – want to feed research to the market?

Research Aggregator – want someone to onboard and manage your feeds

Buy-Side – want a direct feed to your in-house Research Management Systems