FX Options MTF – Digital Vega

Digital Vega Trading Platform

Digital Vega is the market leading fully disclosed sell-side to buy-side (D2C) and an Interbank (D2D) FX Options trading platform, which is registered as an MTF with the FCA.

Providing a liquid market based on vol curve pricing with tradable request for stream pricing, disclosed execution, credit checking at bank and prime broker level, links for prime broker give-up with the ability to trade FX Options as well as Spot, Forwards, Metals through a zero footprint real-time trading screen, so that the trades when entered into are Best Execution, Reported and therefore fully MIFID II compliant.


The platform supports FX options across a broad range of currency pairs.

The platform allows clients to trade vanilla options and structures including Straddles, Strangles and Risk Reversals for any maturity from Overnight to 1 Year.

Options can be auto-hedged as part of the transaction with relevant Spot or Forward transactions

Precious Metals are also available from a number of liquidity providers.


Digital Vega has 20 liquify providers for the FX Options products, with a further 6 metals liquidity providers, all connected through a real-time FIX for Options API for indicative Volatility and real-time streaming Options prices.

In addition Digital Vega is connected to the largest Prime Brokers in the FX space, and for those institutions utilising Prime Brokers, Digital Vega automates fully the give-up process.

Lastly for the buy-side clients Digital Vega has a number of portfolio management tools that let’s the clients upload portfolios for trading, download results, auto match pairs into Straddles and Strangles and many other tools that makes life easier for the buy-side clients to transact.

Demonstrations and their outcome

Digital Vega is a truly demonstrable and highly intuitiuve platform that once seen, by the buy-side or sell-side, is immediately understood and quickly signed up to. Don’t believe us, arrange a 30 minute demo, and prove us wrong if you dare.


Please see our Digital Vega website to learn more Рand to request that demo!!!