VDG – Vendor Data Gateways – a single point of control


Our initial VDG is aimed at Bloomberg. The Bloomberg Data Gateway provides a single point of control to collect End of Day trade files, make data requests across the firm and to provide an audit and cost tracking process for user requests.

No need to make major changes to existing processes, put the BDG into place, and change the FTP address for the sending of requests and the retrieval of data. Duplicate requests will be serviced from the cache, reducing costs. And a single pull for end of day trade files, allows a much greater control over which processes come and get them from the central store.

The BDG will reduce the impact of data requests on the Bloomberg gateways, track the costs of making those requests and allow for accurate cost allocations across all the users of the gateways.

Key functionality and solution benefits:

  • Replaces costly manual processes for cost allocations
  • Provide single point of control for end of day trade files
  • Provides single gateway point for regular and ad-hoc data requests
  • Regular data requests can be automated in the BDG, so that they are just queued for the users
  • Flags failure to Operations and to IT so that data requests that fail, are centrally acknowledged
  • Enables operations team to manage the collection of static data from one point
  • Gives Market Data billing processes more control, and the ability to reduce costly repetitive requests by caching and providing once

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