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About Nucleus195:

Nucleus195 brings radical change to the interaction between investment managers and research providers worldwide.

For investment professionals, it provides a single access point to the best and most valuable investment ideas, market intelligence, and analysts provided by broker-dealers, independent research houses, and research boutiques around the globe. With free budget setting tools and research management functions, Nucleus195 provides a MiFID II and unbundled environment solution. Funds are not locked into long-term commitments as there is no charge sign up to our platform and funds only pay for what they choose to consume.

For content providers, we provide a platform to monetize content and analyst time, reach a new audience, additional marketing, and global exposure via video interviews. There are zero upfront costs to join the platform including the use of our MIFID II compatible analyst call capabilities.

For all participants, Nucleus195 delivers a fair, efficient, consumption-based, and fully transparent environment for the buying and selling of investment research. There is complete transparency, no selling, or stealing of your data. Your data is your own.

Key Figures:

• Through our partnerships, our platform has access to over 30,000 accounts globally with numbers growing each day
• Nucleus195 is available to retail and institutional users with no charge to join
• More than 90 unique content providers including broker-dealers from around the globe and independent research providers whose content won’t be found on traditional financial news services
• Promotion work provided free of charge including social media posts and exclusive interview opportunities on the Nucleus195 channel on OETV
• A corporate solution package offering access to research report generators, promotional videos, virtual conference, c-suite calls, social media management, IR and AI promotion campaigns

Who are our clients

Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Pension Funds. RIA’s. Sovereign Wealth Funds. Family Offices. Private Equity. Corporates. Colleges. Retail. Marketing Firms.

Research required

Research Coverage

Our platform takes multi-asset research including cryptocurrency, data providers, macro, equity, fixed income, political, FX, ETF, white papers, and more.

Research Types

Individually priced reports. Subscriptions to providers. Bespoke research. Models. Individual analyst calls.