worldflow from has been restructured to reflect the growth in our product set, and to clarify our service offerings. Our new web site is designed to reflect our products better,

When we reviewed our products with clients, they were confused.

We have moved to clarify our existing product offerings, and to expand our products in some areas where we had gaps, by forming more partnerships.

Our new structure delineates our Front-Office Delivery focused Consultancy, our Client Connect  products, a new subdivision tradingFlow which brings together our trading focused tools, and our continued links with Digital Vega.

We will continue improving details of our front-office consultancy offering with clearer case studies of work completed, and trying to give a clearer direction of our teams main focus, outside of our Blog and Twitter output.

Client Connect is now a product which deserves it’s own identity. Having grown from being a flexible web front-end, to being a fully functioning Research, News, Marketing, Events Management and Client Survey service with fully functional production and distribution services to Web, App, Email, Social Media.

Our recent partnership announcement with EFA, fills a gap we had in Investment Research publication, and allows us to offer an Earnings Database of very high quality, along with a fully compliance controlled Authoring tool which controls the output from Research Analysts to the street.

So with this partnership we can now provide front to back output for research / news / marketing / funds information through to end to end client distribution. wWith EFA Earnings, EFA Authoring, Compose for Snap / Sales notes, Auto-Feed for content input and output, Web 5.0 portals, native IOS and Android Apps, Twitter / LinkedIn auto posts, Email List management, Surveys for clients and Event management.

tradingFlow now encompasses our trade and data management focused products, aimed at making trading processes more efficient and meeting market requirements for client controls and regulation.

TAD is a broker / buy-side / sell-side tool to meet MIFID I / II reporting, removing manual processes for Recs, CSA/RPA processes and Reg / Credit Limit / P&L reporting. Cloud based capabilities allow clients to utilise the TAD service to meet forthcoming MIFID requirements with low cost and fast time to market.

Launchpad auto generates Termsheets, Final Terms, Distribution Fee Agreements, Confirms and fully automates KIID’s for new and existing structured and OTC products. Other products from tradingFlow and partners will be announced shortly.

BVG, Bloomberg Vendor Gateway, is the first of our new gateway products, aimed to improve controls over data extracts, and provide a single point of input and output from key vendors. Producing end of day files, and ad-hoc requests from a central gateway, allows a Bank or Asset Manager to allocate costs effectively.

Lastly we maintain our previous links with Digital Vega, as their service provider, and as a partner for integration, FIX connectivity, pricing capabilities, and other solutions that they require to grow their market for FX Options, Spot, Forward, NDF, NDO, Metals trading across sell-side and buy-side.


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