Connect use for Marketing and Sales

Connect gives clients the ability to put out Sales materials and Marketing product for Financial Services and other areas.

In one use case utilising a multi-template Compose module Sales teams pull Morning Notes together across multiple teams globally and produce a single output, and push it to not only Research channels, Email Lists but also onto Twitter and LinkedIn for wider consumption. The output produced can be viewed as an entirety but is also indexed so clients can jump to specific areas they are interested in.
In another case study, a client is using the Compose and Distribution parts of Connect to product Marketing materials for Structured Retail Products, with historic data, graphical charts and core information from a database, to produce marketing to both clients and IFA’s, and push through distribution to Email Lists and to their proprietary web site.
A further case a bank runs an annual event and utilised Compose and the Distribution channels to advertise initially, get sign-ups, and during the event to publish updates, with presentations attached for sessions so that users could carry their ternary with them in a dedicated Connect App. At the end of the show, materials are provided to the Research App, only for attendees, for further reference.
If you’re considering streamlining your marketing or sales process, publishing a mobile app or improving distribution and user access reporting then talk to us about Connect’s rapid build and deploy capability.
  • In most cases, we can deploy fully functional Proof of Concept applications within just a few days; enabling you and your team to focus on design and delivery rather than technology.
  • Building your solution from our existing foundation apps means that we can deliver a completed application, direct to your customers is just 6-8 weeks.

Connect is a highly configurable and modular system making it simple to build a solution to fit your current and future needs. worldflow has over 12 years of successful project delivery in financial services and is backed by a team with extensive hands-on industry experience. To find out more about the Connect Application Suite click on any of the modules below.

Solution Benefits

  • Control your marketing and sales output with a central point of control, so that it can be referenced and stored, and made available only for the duration it is viewed as valid
  • Give clients more points of access with email, dedicated websites and on the go mobile applications.
  • Gain valuable insight into future client demand with survey tools for directly engaging customers outside the publishing cycle.
  • Add value to your conferences, deliver event-specific content to delegates and gather their feedback through conference management tools and mobile apps.
  • Know exactly who’s reading your pitches and when with up to the minute, consolidated reporting including real-time from your email, web and mobile access points.
  • Cut reliance on scarce and costly internal IT resources with Connect’s fully managed services.
  • Extensive analytics and usage reporting, helps you track key client access and respond to changing client focus.
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