Connect Buy-Side Research Portals

Recognising that the buy-side firms are swamped with Research in their emails, and across vendor channels, and that often they have their own internal Research producers, Connect offers a service that allows a buy-side to consolidate their sell-side and independent research to a Portal, to contribute their own Research to the Portal, and to distribute that to their internal users through a Web 5.0 App and to mobile Apps on IOS and Android devices.

Utilising the incoming feed handlers Connect has the buy-side can have their Banks and Independents send their research direct to the Portal, can utilise Compose or Author or Document Contributor to load their own Research.
Portfolio Managers, Sales staff, Research teams and other interested parties can view the research at their desktop, laptop or mobile. Utilising the distribution capability certain Research can be emailed to lists, or to keep mail uncluttered, push notifications sent to the Web or Apps, all with the buy-side firms branding and look and feel.
All of the content in the Portal is subject to a rigorous entitlement model, and user security to ensure that only the buy-side firms employees have access to the content. Certain elements of the content can be made available to IFA’s or other partners whilst keeping internal material secure.
Provided as a monthly flat fee service, the Connect solution is off the shelf, fully white labeled and can be integrated quickly into the existing Research flow.

Solution Benefits

  • Fully modular systems solution, so pick the elements you want, from our full front to back research management platform on Connect. Modules include Portal, IOS App, Android App, Email+ Distribution, Compose, Author, Earnings.
  • Declutter your email by moving the research providers onto a structured branded Portal, you can access with Web or dedicated IOS / Android Apps.
  • Integrate internal research into the Portal, knowing that the entitlements and security ensures that this research is only available to the staff you allow to see it, and track who looks at the content and when
  • As unbundling becomes a reality being able to track who see’s what, when and for how long, is an effective measure of the use of research, with Research Analytics
  • If the firm needs to maintain an Email+ Distribution capability to it’s staff, old habits die hard, then utilising the Connect portal to distribute the research gives the same controls as to what is read when and where, and integrates with the tracking tools for Web and App readership
  • If some of the content is needed by partners or IFA’s the strong entitlement model allows for this, whilst still keeping the truly internal research internal
  • Automation of feeds in from external providers, whether through Secure-FTP (the market norm), RSS-Push, Drupal / WordPress feeds, or even Email to specific address, allows for the incoming research to be effectively categorised and tagged so that entitlements, and as importantly full filtering of content is available to your users
  • Utilising the Compose or Authoring elements of Connect for producing internal research can be added as part of the Portal package to allow for the elements that work best for your firm.