In exploring the use of several channels to better connect with our clients, and our clients clients, it is clear that the explosion of tools and simple global access to the channels provides several exciting opportunities.

The issue remains, as with any media from newsprint through the web sites and to the Tweets and the Blogs is to how to get your clients to take any notice of the channels you provide.

Where is the imperative for the client to come and look at the output that is so carefully prepared. As we produce increasingly complex and varied content, how do we get the clients to read what is output. The social networks draw customers back day in day out. What can be provided to the finance community to draw them day in day out.

The consolidation of several sources. Genuine new and enlightening insight. Tools that make life easier.

This is the challenge we face. Having to select and drive this content in a way that is at once immediately appealing and also drives repetitive behavior to return and review the output is critical.

We at worldflow don’t have the answer to the problems yet. But we are working on understanding the capability of the tools well enough to provide channel options to our client base, while we continue to seek the answer through the right combination of facilities.

I strongly suspect that there is no one answer. Each client or set of similar clients will want different aspects of a rounded solution. One thing is certain. The facilities can be put into place within the wider context of the web, mobile services, IP telephony, video broadcast, podcasting and other media.

Tailoring them to meet the client facing requirements is the challenge. And one worldflow is focused on solving.