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Connect2 is our research delivery platform.

Research Providers feed direct to clients, aggregators, Connect2xx platforms as a single free Distribution service.

Research Consumers such as the existing and new aggregators, large buy-sides and  Connect2xx clients can onboard their Providers through worldflow’s OBAAS service.



Connect is the market leading solution for writing and getting Research, News, Commentary, Colour and Price / Fund information to Clients, through mobile, web, email lists, social media (linkedin, twitter….). All content is controlled with entitlements and tracked and reported on. Connect has solutions for Sell-Side / Independent Research Providers, Buy-Side Research Portals, News Services, Political Analysis, Funds Information, ETF’s / Certs / Warrants solutions, in fact all content delivery.

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tradingFlow encompasses worldflow’s products to improve a firms ability to process automatically many manual aspects of their current trade flows. Includes products for Structured Products Documentation, Trade Management Solutions, Pricing Engines, FIX Connectivity, Bloomberg Data Gateways.

Front-Office Consultancy

worldflow have provided delivery focused front-office consultancy for Investment Banks, Fund Managers, Hedge Funds for 15 years, based on having very experienced staff, who hit the ground running in Trading, Sales and Research business areas. worldflow have worked across all asset classes, having worked extensively in Equities, Fixed Income, FX, Structured Retail Products, OTC Derivatives, Repo, Stock/Borrow Loan and Liquidity Management.

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Digital Vega

Digital Vega is the market leading fully disclosed sell-side to buy-side FX Options trading platform. Providing indicative market based on vol curves, deep tradable request for stream pricing, disclosed execution, credit checking at bank and prime broker level, links for prime broker give-up with the ability to trade FX Options as well as Spot, Forwards, Metals through a zero footprint real-time trading screen. worldflow built and run the platform on behalf of Digital Vega.
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worldflow – a Fintech Company.  Our Solutions……

The worldflow Connect  platform (www.worldflow.net/connect/) supports the processes of Authoring through to Distribution for Research, News, Ratings, Fund and Corporate Marketing/Sales content.

Authoring – template based Analysis/Modelling and Authoring with full workflow for Compliance, import from Earnings and copy/paste of charts and tables from Vendors (Bloomberg / Reuters / …) configurable corporate branding and processing.
Compose – template based Composition for morning calls, flash notes and dynamic content publishing; support for real-time and compliance/workflow driven publishing
Earnings – fully capable Earnings database, linked to Excel, to maintenance into and out of the database, with the ability to capture different balance sheets per sector or even company
 –Web App – is our Web 5.0 research front end for web sites, with Client focused dynamic content, Sales/Analyst contact links, Personalised Tagging / Dynamic Views and service focused content that enables you to send Bundles of research to current clients and prospects.
IOS and Android App – secure Research Apps with configurable category driven search, notifications, user menu setup, saved search and offline library. Check the stores for public Apps Apple Store and Android Store
Email / Social / Vendor Push are the ability to send to an Email list, Vendor set or to Twitter / LinkedIn dynamically.
Surveys – branded client surveys for getting customer feedback and feeding that back into Research, and Directories
Directories – allowing structured content, with quick lookup. Used for the IRP Directory at www.euroirp.com/directory
There is no dependency within the modules. Each component is capable of running stand-alone or fully integrated. So clients can license just the components they need to start with adding further products later in their deployment process.


Connect2 is the Connect distribution platform which provides the “Pipes” for the Financial Services community to send content and provide back readership on a single platform, providing both DPAAS and OBASS services.

Connect2 DPASS: feed us, and we send where the content is needed.

Connect2 OBASS: tell us, and we onboard and manage your contributors.

The Distribution as a Platform service (DPAAS) is a single point of entry for Research Content Providers to get content onto Aggregators and direct for large Buy-Side platforms, by using their preferred sending method, email, FTP, direct Portal, and Connect2 maps to the distribution channels that the Provider wants to send to. Suitable for  Sell-Side, Independent Research Provider, News Agency, Industry Analysis Firm to get their content from a single point of entry to their selected platforms.

Connect2 is also a single point of onboarding as a service (OBASS) providing Onboarding for Aggregation Platforms and Buy-Side Platforms so that they do not need to run the overhead of onboarding and client mapping themselves, and can focus on utilising the research they receive from their Providers to get it effectively to their clients. Providing a single point of contact for the Aggregator or Buy-Side, Connect2 will onboard the Provider, map the content, send the files, and proactively monitor the service spotting and preventing errors and outages.


Using elements of several client builds we have built a family of flexible tradingFlow improvement products which include:

  • ECN: Digital Vega a full function FX Options ECN with price discovery, multiple liquidity, full FIX connectivity to sell-side and buy-side, vol surface consolidation, prime broker give-ups, credit checking.
  • Launchpad Documentation solution our Client configurable automated generation of Termsheets, Final Terms, Distribution agreements and recently KIDS for Structured Products in Retail markets, DCD delivery and other OTC products.
  • TAD : Trade and CSA Management solution   manages FOBO recs, CSA diaries and payments and generates P&L reports cross firms and by client from a single view of your business, and also Reg Report appropriate business. Replace your manual processes, and Excel sheets with a controlled auditable solution.

worldflow have also built a number of bespoke software solutions for the Finance industry. Whilst there are a number of well-known packages used across the industry, our clients need ad-hoc solutions for market and client connectivity, e-commerce platforms, DMA solutions, trading optimisation platforms, trade management, CSA and Distribution fees management, fast PDLC, specialist web services, FIX engines, price engines for FX / FI. worldflow are able to build solutions using existing components, quickly and effectively, for a number of market or client facing areas in trading, research, sales, risk, credit. If you have a front-office area that you need a solution for, where there is no effective off the shelf solution, then there is a strong chance worldflow can build a solution quickly, to spec, and very cost-effectively. Due to our early involvement in Mobile solutions for Financial Services, this is a specialist area for our team. We were the first financial services approved Apple Consultancy Network member, and the first to deploy to Amazon Prime. We have the most white labelled financial services Apps in the App Store. Combined with our trading / sales / research knowledge we can build financial markets mobile solutions quickly, securely to meet client needs


Front Office Consultancy

worldflow is focused on front-office process change, across Investment Banking, Brokerage, Hedge Fund and Real-Money Asset Managers. worldflow have also worked with the regulators in many locations globally and participated in market changes over many years. We deliver review and fix, change, integration, problem solving, integration, interim management, green field build and process upgrades. worldflow’s role at our clients is to get the job done quickly with minimal disruption. worldflow have implemented or changed major front-office risk, trading, research and sales management functions, working with vendors and major consultancies as key Project Directors, Business Specialists and Subject Matter Experts. The key philosophy for the worldflow team though is to be a part of your team from day one and to engage as representatives of your business for the duration of the project. As a specialist front-office consultancy we have delivered a number of strategic consultancy offerings which include:

  • Overall Interim CIO level IT Managers for a number of organisations.
  • Worked on a number of Front Office mergers.
  • Enhanced and built e-Commerce platforms in Structured Products, eFX, eFI and Fund Management.
  • implemented projects including Order Management Systems, Research Production, Front-Office Market and Credit Risk and  VAR/Stress test processes.
  • Worked with numerous vendor solutions on implementations and upgrades including Murex / Summit / Sophis / Fidessa  and ION-Trade.
  • Built Greenfield brokerage and hedge fund businesses including systems selection, floor build and upstream links.

We have a wide range of skills and expertise to deliver projects in front-office areas for our clients.

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